The Future of Design is Honesty

Design plays an essential role in a brand’s communication. And good design can engage and inspire consumers, building affinity, recall and driving purchase intent.

But the world, and marketing world we know, has changed in an instant. Shoppers’ priorities are shifting, and many brands are being forced to completely rethink how to communicate effectively. So, what does good design communication look like in this “new world”? What does this mean for brands? 

Now, more than ever, a brand’s design language must be honest, transparent and empathetic. Consumers are highly attuned to nonsense and noise, especially now, as people’s priorities are narrow in on what’s most important to them. Brands must do the same and narrow in on simple, genuine communications.

Effective design communication is about delivering the information people need in its most distilled form. Brands such as BudweiserNetflix and Mastercard have done this successfully by removing the fuss and simplifying their brand image.

This idea has been bubbling beneath the surface for many years now, but in this COVID-19 and soon-to-be post-COVID-19 world, honest and straightforward design is more important than ever.

Contributed by: Cody Russell, Design Director, Integer Dallas

Image Source: Unsplash