The Evolving Multi-Cultural Shopper

The importance of multi-cultural shopping in the U.S. is increasing as companies make the effort to understand Hispanic shoppers and their key drivers.The U.S. Hispanic shopper is evolving and adapting, requiring more creativity and engagement from brands and retailers in order to provide value to this segment and ultimately grow business.

We published some information on this important area of U.S. Shopping Culture in a recent edition of The Checkout. The research examines the Hispanic shopper and how their path to purchase has evolved. You can download the Hispanic edition of The Checkout here.

In an unusual and blatant plug from us here at ShopperCulture, The Integer Group has recently launched a new website promoting the services of Velocidad, the Hispanic Promotional, Retail and Shopper Marketing division of the Group. Velocidad has been a bit of a well kept secret, building its skills and expertise with multi-cultural audiences through the last decade. As the topic raises its level of importance in the conversation about Shopper Marketing and shopping culture, particularly in the U.S., the Velocidad team has started to share its stories more widely. To find out what they are doing and for more information, please take a look at the new site at