The Evolution of Suggestive Selling – Where Will We Go Next?

Over the past ten years, we have seen suggestive selling become par for the course. More brands and retailers embrace and look to influence that moment of choice by proactively engaging shoppers with information and experiences that not only help close the sale, but also set up repeat engagement.

However, brands and retailers are still exploring new and better ways to pre-sell to shoppers. They acknowledge that shoppers’ schedules are becoming more complex and their expectations are rising. Suggestive selling at the moment of choice must, therefore, not only be convenient, but also fast, fun, organic, and not intrusive.Hence, the rise of monthly subscription-box services and suggestive selling based on mood.

Additionally, advancements in smart technology and the Internet of Things are bringing the suggestive-selling experience into our homes. As these technologies continue to develop and become more integrated in our homes, we can expect to see brands evolve from suggestive selling to predicted selling and pre-filled automated ordering.

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