The Complex Shopper: Meet Gary, The Fretting Frugal

The Complex Shopper is an annual research and analysis project conducted by The Integer Group and Decision Analyst. It is designed to reveal the motivations that drive the considered purchase process – those infrequent, big-ticket items ranging in price from $100s to $1000s.

One of the outcomes of the study was the identification of four distinct shopper types – Fretting Frugals, Experience Lovers, Passive Purchasers and Social Adventurers. In our last post we defined Allison, the Social Adventurer. Today, we’ll meet Gary, the Fretting Frugal.

Big researcher, little confidence

For Gary, shopping is simply not fun – he compares it to going to the dentist. Representing the largest segment (31 percent) of Complex Shopper profiles, Gary spends significant time researching his purchase, but is least likely to engage with or repurchase from a brand.

Gary’s determining factor for making the purchase decision has little to do with other’s opinion of his purchase (18 percent) and everything to do with price (92 percent) and how long he will use the item. In other words, Gary wants value.

That doesn’t mean he won’t spend money. The Fretting Frugal has the highest share of spend in several categories of the study including windows and doors (37 percent), major appliances (34 percent) and automobiles (40 percent). Interestingly, Fretting Frugals are the most excited by and get the most enjoyment from shopping for vacation travel. (Maybe because they are so stressed out from making major purchases?)

How to connect with Gary

He may not enjoy the shopping process, but Gary provides ample opportunity to connect with him. Similar to the Social Adventurer, he will visit a store or location 3.4 times per purchase and research online more than 10 times per purchase. Reassure him and help build his confidence about your brand. See our infographic below for more ideas to engage Gary.

The passionate and brand-loyal Experience Lover will be our next