The Checkout: Sponsorship and Promotions Report

This issue of The Checkout looks at shoppers’ involvement in Sponsorships and Promotions, how these programs influence purchase, and drivers to increasing participation.

In focus this month:

The influence of sponsorships –Sponsorships definitely influence a shopper’s purchase decision, but how much?

Sponsorships with a purpose –Sponsorships are meaningful to brands and shoppers alike, but is the meaning the same for both groups?

Skin in the game –Thirty-three percent of shoppers cite a low likelihood of winning as their main barrier to participation in promotions.

Creating appealing promotions –When it comes to driving participation, more than half of shoppers find a modest prize with a reasonable chance of winning to be the most appealing option.

For more Sponsorship and Promotions Shopper data, you can click here to download the latest edition ofThe Checkout – Issue 5, 2011.