The Checkout: Mobile Shopping Behaviors

Shoppers in the US have evolved significantly in the past few years in the realm of digital shopping tools. So much so, that the term “The Digital Shopper” has effectively lost meaning as about half of all shoppers in the country have adopted some type of digital behavior to aid in their shopping. As many of the tools in this space are related to the boom in smart phones, mobile shopping tools are of special interest.

In this issue we take a look at many aspects of mobile and other digital shopping behaviors across different shopper segments to understand which shoppers are adopting what tools and how they are using them. What are the differences and similarities across gender or cultures and what is the impact of children in the household?

For example:

  • Almost as many shoppers are using coupons from email and enewsletters (49%) as they areclipping them from the Sunday paper (57%).
  • Men might be the traditional lovers of tech toys, but in using technology to enhance shopping,women are ahead of the curve.
  • Having children in the household drives accelerated adoption of digital technologies to delivershopping solutions.
  • African-American and Hispanic shoppers adopt new shopping technologies at a faster ratethan Caucasians do.

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