The Checkout Issue 3.10 Is Available For Download Today

Prolonged recessionary pressures have caused many shoppers to come up with creative coping mechanisms to stretch the family budget. Of those mechanisms, coupons, a staple in the brand marketers and retailers tool kit, have begun to make a significant resurgence. While the U.S. seems to be on the path to economic recovery, shoppers are likely to continue to employ many of the money-saving techniques they have developed, into the near-term. This issue of The Checkout delves into the world of the modern coupon user – who they are; how couponing fits into their lives; and more important, what brand marketers and retailers can do to meet their shoppers needs.

Featured in this issue:

  • Coupons: How savvy shoppers are finding value and making decisions.
  • Men utilize technology when seeking and using coupons while women go the traditional route.
  • The causality dilemma: Do shoppers decide what to buy first and then seek coupons or vice versa?
  • Shoppers rank the brands and retailers that have the best coupons. See who makes the list.

For additional information on these topics and more download The Checkout – Issue 3.10 here.