The Checkout: Holiday Issue

The holiday shopping landscape continues to evolve. Department stores are giving way to mass merchants, brick-and-mortar shopping is colliding with online shopping, and Black Friday is becoming a multi-day sales event. With so many choices, shoppers are able to shop the way they want during the holidays. Online, in store, browsing, or hustling, with coupons or without, there is an experience for every type of shopper. This holiday season, Hispanic shoppers opt for more experiential shopping. While the general market continues to embrace time-saving holiday shopping methods like online shopping, Hispanic shoppers venture in store with family and friends to partake in the holiday spirit.

Download the 2012 Holiday Checkout to learn more about when and where Hispanic shoppers shop during the holidays. This issue also digs in to the growing attraction of mass merchants during the holidays as well as holiday shopping preferences of groups including youth and female shoppers.

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