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The Checkout: DIGITAIL® Report

Friday, January 7th, 2011

Everything today has a digital component. Whether it’s your own brand Web site, or your role on a customer Web site of varying flavors, plus the use of digital technologies within bricks & mortar, the worlds of digital and retail have and continue to move ever closer together. Giving rise to a new practice that we at Integer have deemed DIGITAIL®.

The latest edition of The Checkout looks at shopping behavior through the DIGITAIL® lens, and introduces the need for a new shopping mentality:

Scoring a deal was the number-one reason shoppers said they buy online. This isn’t surprising considering online shopping has traditionally been tied heavily to a spear-fishing mentality. When shoppers hunt for a singular item, they search for a good price, attractive shipping options, and then they buy. Categories that require hunting for multiple items at once, like Food and Beverage or Health and Beauty, need to introduce a new online buying mentality. The concept of completing standard grocery shopping online for most is still far off, and manufacturers and eTailers need to understand that there are conventions ingrained in shopper behavior that they must disrupt. And disruption calls for new value propositions supported by a superior experience from eTailers. Look for innovators like and to lead this charge. However, to truly create a change of serious scale, it’s going to take large eTailers like and to offer something new.

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