The Checkout: Coupon Edition

Which group, lower-income shoppers or higher-income shoppers, do you feel values coupons more? Who do you think places more importance on coupons younger shoppers or more experienced shoppers? And why am I hearing so much about ‘extreme couponing’? These questions and more are answered in The Checkout from The Integer Group®.

Since 2010, Integer has been tracking shoppers’ perceptions, habits and use of coupons. Recently, we surveyed roughly 1300 shoppers and identified why they use coupons, where they find coupons and how they view coupons today. A few highlights include:

  • Circulars and newspapers, though they’ve declined, are still the top places shoppers find coupons, while on-package and mobile are the fastest growing.
  • 70% of shoppers use coupons to buy familiar products and brands, while only 30% use coupons to try new ones.
  • Lower-income shoppers use coupons to save money, while higher-income shoppers use coupons to buy the best-quality products.

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