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The Checkout: Back-to-School

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017

More shoppers will be getting out their wallets this back-to-school season; 67% of shoppers report that they will be doing some form of back-to-school shopping this year, up from 57% in 2015. And while most of this shopping will be done at mass retailers such as Walmart or Target, online retailers like Amazon are starting to gain a larger share of back-to-school dollars.

Back-to-school shopping will see some other changes this year–many of which are lead by younger shoppers and their desire for experiences and tech-savvy nature. We are seeing more shoppers prioritize things like fun back-to-school shopping experiences, and Online has received the highest satisfaction score of any channel.

To find out more about shopper behaviors during this back-to-school shopping season, download the most recent issue titled The Checkout: Back-to-School found here.

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