The Checkout 2009 Year In Review: Issue 2.10

The latest edition of The Checkout is available for download today. Issue 2.10 recaps the the findings and trends of 2009 as well as predictions for what’s to come for the rest of 2010. Interestingly, the latest edition finds that shoppers reported walking away from the shelf empty-handed due to price and limited product selection. This fact could be related to some retailers using SKU rationalization methodologies that do not account for low-velocity items having shopping-basket gravity – the pull some products have on other complementary products. Without a clear understanding of retailer-specific shopping patterns and basket drivers, the wrong SKUs could be cut, leading shoppers to take their business for that entire category elsewhere.

In focus this month: 2009 Holiday Spending

  • Recessionary pressures have made us a nation of shopping procrastinators.
  • The game of chicken between shoppers looking for deals and retailers seeking sales intensifies.
  • 2009 holiday shoppers wanted instant gratification, free shipping, and free stuff.

Click here to download the latest issue of The Checkout.