The Biggest Ideas of ShopTalk 2023

Shop Talk ended last Thursday, and as we headed back into this work week, our leadership circled up to synthesize the conference insights that provoked new ideas. These are the key takeaways that are top of mind for them as they approach client growth this week and why they think Integer is ready for the future:

  • “Right now, it’s a retailer’s game. New retail media networks are coming online seemingly daily. Success will be about reporting and automation tools, commerce connection tools and dynamic AI creative tools. Brands need a clear strategic path of where to play, how to play, and what their definition of success is. Integer’s deep expertise with retailers, human understanding of shoppers, and advanced media knowledge makes us well suited to fulfill our commitment to Great Work That Works.”—Amy Vollet, SVP, Executive Media Director
  • “In the ever-changing retail environment, it is essential for brands and retailers to adapt quickly while listening to their consumers and customers for feedback, data, and insights to future-proof their business. Listen to your customer. This completely aligns with Integer’s belief of the importance of taking a human-centric approach to solve for paths to grow for our clients.”—Marion Tharp, VP, Growth & Marketing
  • “At ShopTalk 2023, every single presentation and meeting included references to data, retail media, and social/influencers as core elements of driving omnichannel success. It’s very clear that these are critical components of driving growth for clients today, and as The Growth Company we are perfectly positioned to leverage our leadership expertise and omnichannel capabilities to help brands find transformational growth.”—Marc Ducnuigeen, President & COO
  • “For me, the sense around ShopTalk 2023 was a big ‘sigh of relief’, and a process of people settling in for the next few years to see how the current economic situation plays out. The focus on technology has waned along with the complexity of new services like BOPIS, curbside and same-day delivery brought on by the Pandemic. Profitability has emerged as a new theme for both retailers and brands respectively, focusing on emerging retail media networks, a return to physical stores and true omnichannel integration. It was also great to hear from retailers a renewed focus on their stores and the people who work there, enabling them with new tools and delivering a great customer experience.”—Steve White, Chief Commerce Officer/CCO
  • “Unified” would be the word I took away from ShopTalk. Whether it’s marketers seeking or vendors promising more unified data sets to paint complete and actionable portraits of shoppers’ behaviors and interactions with brands. Or everyone striving to create more unified narratives with their shoppers that feel tailored and personal yet can be delivered efficiently at scale. All of it had me thinking… how do we continue evolving from telling branded stories to having branded conversations fueled by these more unified data sets and tools, yet that still have heart?”—Armand Parra, SVP, Business Strategy