The Biggest “Bundling” Deal Ever

Retailers offering sustainable products and habits continue to grow and gain momentum – and more and more retailers are thinking of innovative ways to engage consumers on becoming Green.

Sam’s Club, like so many other retailers, is focusing their retail efforts around sustainability and Saving Green. They offer great eco-friendly products and tips both in-store and through their catalogue – but are now taking their sustainability efforts to a whole new level, by offering a “for purchase” Eco Home Makeover. For just $44,000 all of your eco-dreams can come true. The package includes solar panels, a wind turbine, high efficiency appliances for your kitchen and laundry, and energy efficient lighting. All of this aside, you also get put up in a luxury eco-lodge in Maine during installation, and you come home to a house-warming party to celebrate your eco-wonderfullness! Now that’s what I call a package deal!

“Bundling” seems to be a relatively new concept, at least in its current context. Companies are bundling/packaging their services left and right. What began with vacations is now being offered by companies like Comcast, the largest cable company in the United States. It seems to make sense. As our lives get more and more complex, the more we want (and need) to simplify.

This offer is quite unique, however. Never before have I seen such a 360 degree approach. Comcast is certainly not sending you for a mani/pedi while they sync up your wireless to cable to tv to music. In fact, your schedule is at a disadvantage by opting for their services. Sam’s Club, however, has pretty much covered every possible excuse you could think of to not do this. For example:

1. “I don’t want their unsightly appliances in my kitchen.”

With Sam’s Club, you can choose the appliances yourself.

2. “Where are we going to go while they tear everything apart?”

Sam’s club will not only put you up, but fly you so far away that the sound of wrecking balls is the furthest thing from your mind.

3. “How am I ever going to clean up the inches of dust they’re going to leave in order to show off our new home?”

They’re not only going to clean, they’ll throw the whole darn thing for you! And bring PBS camera men!

It will be really interesting to see what kind of traction this gets in the marketplace. This is clearly not a “bundle and save” offer, nor is it a “go green, save green” initiative. This is pure convenience for the eco-minded shopper.

In this lies the potential to change the way we offer services. Is there a limit to what people will pay for this type of worry-free experience? Will brands/companies/services be forced to turn into experiencial machines to stay afloat? Time will tell. But it seems as though the gap between “do it yourself” and “have it done for you” is getting wider and wider.