Thanksgiving Thursday – To Open or Close?

A social media movement or a retail reality? Retailer’s are facing pressure from social media groups like Boycott Black Thursday and in articles like this one from Time to stay closed on Thanksgiving day – the eve of Black Friday and a burgeoning opportunity to get an early start on the holiday selling season.

Proponents of the Boycott Black Thursday ideaology argue that the employees

of these retailers deserve to have time with their family on Thanksgiving day, and should not be obligated to work. Retailers such as DSW, Gamestop, Dillard’s and Nordstroms are closed on Thanksgiving and have received kudos from fans online.

When all is said and done, will being closed on Thanksgiving be a missed opportunity for brick and mortar sales or a goodwill building opportunity with a cynical and fickle shopper base – who is increasingly turning to e-commerce to avoid holiday shopping crowds, traffic, and stress?