Tesco: The BOGOL?

Tesco recently held a two-week “Buy One Get One Free Later” (BOGOL) event in selected UK stores which allowed shoppers who bought participating items to claim their free item the following week, using a voucher they received at the register.

This event proves interesting for two reasons:

1) Tesco received feedback that while customers like BOGO deals, smaller households sometimes can’t use the free product before its use-by date. Knowing this, Tesco provided a solution to those households dis-inclined to pantry-load and gave shoppers another reason to shop the solutions-oriented retailer.

2) Tesco’ “BOGOL” event wasn’t solely shopper-insights driven. In fact, Tesco was in part responding to pressure from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, which said in August that two-for-one deals were resulting in thousands of tons of food being thrown away. Defra threatened to introduce legislation to reduce waste if stores failed to act.

In today’s market, where shoppers demand customized offerings and time- andamp; cost-saving solutions, retailers and brands must be both flexible and creative when exploring promotional programs. And in a world where environmental concerns continue to dominate headlines and headspace, retailers have both a responsibility and unique opportunity to explore programs and initiatives that satisfy both shoppers wallets and green sensitibilites.

– Contributed by Kristina Boyer

Image Source:http://www.dailymail.co.uk