Tesco Recaptures the Shopper’s Imagination

Tesco’s rise to preeminence in the UK occurred on a wave of innovation, both in products offered to customers and in customer service. Recent years have brought global expansion for the retailer, the development of its own label, and laterally venture brands, alongside the continued quest for outstanding value dominating the Tesco agenda. The shoppers’ in store experience began to take more of a supporting role.

Tesco recently announced its likely departure from the U.S. with the sale or closing of the Fresh and Easy banner. This announcement coincides with a greater focus on what the retailer does best, with 2012 bringing in-store revamps to UK Tesco stores that shoppers deserve. The best example we’ve seen of this is in Bracknell, Berkshire, where we get a glimpse of what the UK supermarket experience of tomorrow could look and feel like. Here are five things that caught the eye of Integer London.

1. Get glamorously styled at the Blow Dry Bar while you wait for your contact-lens appointment or your photos to be developed.

2. Have a little bit of “me time” at the beauty section as a reward for doing the monthly shop (or perhaps while your husband gets the wine in).

3. Give the latest technology a try before your drop it in you trolley, with live product trials.

4. Buy big bulky items without the headache. If you don’t have your (large capacity) car that day, order now and come back to collect later. Alternatively, you can also browse, order, and have things delivered to home.

5. And for those struggling with too much choice, helpful hints are dotted around store to help you shop categories efficiently.

Contributed by Integer London

Photos Souce: Clare Cryer and Ian Foulds, Integer London