Target’s Partnership With Feed USA Promotes Charitable Giving In A Retail Experience

While recently perusing my Instagram feed I saw an interesting post from the popular account Target Does it Again. The feed is written by two trendy and beautiful young moms who find all things fabulous at their local Target, often try them on, and post them on Tumblr and Instagram. Pictures of Target’s promotion with FEED USA were posted as well as selfies of the bloggers trying on the fashionable clothes. I have heard of Lauren Bush’s work with the FEED Foundation, but wanted to find out more.

If you’re new to the organization, the FEED Foundation is a global non-profit that raises money to address chronic world hunger. In their latest effort, FEED USA is targeting American schools in need of nutritious school meals and education around nutrition. The FEED Foundation creates useful, typically fashionable, products often with the help of popular retail partners (designer Rachel Roy, Toms Shoes) and each purchase provides set number of meals.

I think FEED USA’s partnership with Target is relevant to the retail space for a couple of reasons:

  1. Target is making charitable giving easy, accessible and fashionable
  2. Through calculated partnerships, Target is able to elevate its brand image. Its partnership with FEED USA positions Target as a fashionable brand that cares about its country and the people in it
  3. This trend of donating to charity may be moving beyond the checkout and onto retail floors (Background: Whole Foods, and other retails, often ask customers to donate their bag credits to a charity of your choice)

Happy Shopping!

Photo Credit: Feed Project Microsite;Target Does it Again Tumblr