Target: the iPhone application


Target® has done it again. Always one to be a step ahead of the competition when it comes to style, this holiday season Target has blazed a new trail by launching its own iPhone® application.

Target’s gift to the iPhone community is designed to make holiday shopping a bit easier by providing gift ideas for everyone on your list.

Upon launching the application, enter the gender and age range of your gift recipient and give the Target Gift Globe a good shake. Several different suggestions will be presented for you to scroll through and save as a Favorite, purchase online, or discard. For even more convenience, all of the items can be found at a Target store near you, which, thanks to the application’s store locator, will not be hard to find.

The Target Gift Globe application for the iPhone (and iPod Touch®) is yet another step forward in the convergence of the digital world and the retail world. Target has expanded its reach by connecting consumers to a retail environment on a mobile platform and driving shoppers in store or online to complete their transaction.

According to Target, this application is just the first of many to come. But what about other retailers? How will they respond? And how soon? Stayed tuned.

– Contributed by Matt Silvestri