Target Holds “Great Save Event” to Compete With Costco and Sam’s

For the next seven weeks (beginning January 1, 2010), Target will offer bulk items as seen in club stores Costco and Sam’s – without the club membership fee. All 1,740 Target stores will participate, offering bulk items such as paper towels, detergent, andother household necessities in its seasonal aisles.

The move aligns nicely with Target’s “Expect More. Pay Less.” strategy, especially at a time when shoppers are motivated to purchase only necessary items. By offering a club-like experience with a fun, trendy Target twist, the chain is likely to attract shoppers who feel justified in buying extra items they don’t necessarily need because they’ll save so much. Will this “Great Save Event” be enough to serve as an additional trip-driver to Target, stealing share from club stores?

Target says it has no plans to offer year-round bulk bargains, and will use this year’s event to determine if it will be repeated next year.