Tales From Russia – First Moment of Truth

In the emerging market of Russia, we learned that in shopper marketing, the first moment of truth is one of the most important steps in a consumer’s path to purchase. After interviewing several consumers in their homes and doing shop-a-longs, we observed an underdeveloped stage of above-the-line media when it comes to household needs and health/beauty products. TV, current print, and other media outlets we are accustomed to are not a highly consumed media in the everyday life of people living in Moscow. So how do they find new products outside of friend and family recommendations? They rely on in-store marketing. The moment when a consumer turns into a shopper.

Want to learn how merchandising plays a role in product selection and choice in Russia? Want to know what in-store tools and promotions work best in emerging markets? Want to learn the Integer approach to shopper marketing in the global market?

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-Contributed by Stephen Moon