Sweaty Extensions

The athletic apparel brand Lululemon, which has popularized the athleisure trend, just launched a range of skincare products. Each product is designed to make the transition between life and workouts easier. From Dry Shampoo with an improved formula, to moisturizer reducing redness in your face, every product solves a post-workout problem. 

Creating products for people who love to sweat is at the core of Lululemon, allowing the brand to address needs of their audience with a new but fitting category of products.

Another example is Bumble, which started as a dating app for women and understood the need for more female-centric platforms, venturing into professional, business investment and friendship networks. Only when understanding the real needs of their audience and being clear on their role in people’s lives, can brands uncover new, unexpected commerce opportunities and broaden their portfolio in a meaningful way.

Contributed by: Marta Formenton, Integer London
Image Source: Unsplash.com