Sustainability Gains Traction in Southeast Asia

While going green has become mainstream practice in Europe and NorthAmerica, sustainability as a mass movement has yet to catch on inSoutheast Asia. However, signs of a green trend are surfacing, and
grocery retailers are leading the way.

In Malaysia, No Plastic Saturdays were launched in 2010 by multiple retailers, and have since been supported by the local governments. InSingapore, grocery chain Fair Price is implementing Bags From the Heart from April 22 through May 9, 2012, that combines sustainability with a charity angle. The initiative coincides with Earth Day and each purchase of a reusable grocery bag will result in a donation to theRainbow Centre, a non-profit organization for children with special needs. Fair Price has a track record for supporting sustainability, as exhibited by opening Singapore’s first eco-friendly supermarket, complete with a recycling center, located in City Square Mall.

The approach Fair Price is taking is a wise one: involving shoppers in the process while encouraging them to adopt sustainable behaviors.

Contributed by Integer Singapore

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Photo Sourced from Fair Price.