Super Sunday Sales

As the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers prepare to face-off in Super Bowl LIV, an unprecedented amount of shoppers are gearing up for the game. Nearly 194M adults plan to watch the game, with total expected spending jumping from $14.8B last year to $17.2B.

It comes as no surprise that food and beverages continue to be the most popular purchases for the game. In 2019, the day before the Super Bowl was the highest single day of grocery sales all year. Wings, pizza and nachos claimed the top spots for Americans’ favorite game day foods.

However, the growing Latin influence across the country is inspiring many to add new multicultural products to their food lineups. In the two weeks leading up to and including last year’s Super Bowl, sales of domestic premium beers were down nearly 5% from the previous year while sales of import beer were up nearly 4%. Other beverages are also biting into beer’s share of alcohol for the game, with Mexican wine sales up 161.5% and hard seltzers up 247%.

Does more diverse shopping mean a more diverse viewing audience? Though viewers can expect to see ads from their favorites, several are making their debuts in this year’s lineup. These newcomers include:

  • Walmart: ‘Famous Visitors’ features 12 “visitors” from popular TV shows and movies coming from space to Earth to pick up all they need curbside at Walmart.
  • Facebook: ‘More Together’ features Sylvester ‘Rocky’ Stallone and Chris Rock championing Facebook Group members and celebrates the power of people coming together through shared interests and experiences.
  • Pop-Tarts: ‘Pop-Tarts Fixed the Pretzel’ features Jonathan Van Ness introducing the brand’s first ever sweet and salty snack innovation.

We’ll have to tune in to see how this year’s shoppers celebrate and if these newcomers hit the mark.

Contributed By: Bailey Sims, Integer Denver

Image Source: Unsplash