Subscription Makes It Easy To ‘Keep Up,’ Form Habits, And Spend More

In today’s busy world it’s hard to keep track of everything and get things done. From remembering to buy diapers to tracking the best plane fares and even staying on top of the news; it can be a lot. But that is where subscription tools have been able to really step up and not only remind us of things, but shape new (spending) habits.

I receive many emails reminding me to check my favorite blog, ones that alert me that my monthly order is being shipped and price alerts for my upcoming Thanksgiving travel. All these seemingly small, helpful subscription services are not only making these brands more top of mind, but they are making it easy for me to be more knowledgeable, more efficient and even spend more (I am eyeing some other vacation destinations). And when it comes to shopper marketing, making things easy for the shopper means winning with the shopper.

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