Stress Driving Top Father’s Day Gift in China This Year?

Nowadays, China seems to be the most financially optimistic market, but the fact is, being a middle class father in China these days is not as easy as you think.According to a poll from the June 21, 2010 issue of China Daily, 45% of men say money is the top criteria for being recognized as successful,
20% pick social status and 19% pick successful career.Being the head of a middle class household in China is indeed quite stressful.

This has led to the choice of the Father’s Day gift shifting from branded luxury products like wallets, ties, watches and shavers to more physically and mentally relaxing products such as hotcake, electric massager and herbal wine.There were 1,427 neck massagers sold online in a week.

How are cultural stress in your markets effecting gifting and indulgence purchases?

Contributed by Eric Wong, Shanghai