Streamline Your Next Beauty Purchase

More and more, we’re beginning to see online retailers use targeted advertising as a way to anticipate, rather than react to, shoppers’ behaviors. This in turn, provides faster service for their customers. Take Google Shopping Express, for example, which provides same-day delivery (in select markets) and, therefore, drastically cuts down on the time it takes to ship its products.

This is especially beneficial in the beauty and grooming space, where impulse purchases and instant gratification reign king. Imagine a scenario where you’re getting ready for work, only to realize that you’ve run out of your favorite foundation. You don’t necessarily have the time to go to Target and pick up a replacement, but you really need it by tomorrow for your morning beauty routine. With Google Shopping Express, you could order before work and it would be on your doorstep by the time you arrive home, cutting out a large barrier to purchasing beauty productions online: delivery time.

In this scenario, Google has the infrastructure in place to compete not only with Amazon but also with brick-and-mortar stores, which are the most common destination for these types of essential beauty purchases. And as online retailers get even more savvy when it comes to analyzing shopper patterns and behaviors, they will be shipping you the accompanying concealer before you even realize you need it.

Contributed By:Valerie Noonan, Integer Denver

Photo Source: Slate