Strappy Technology Helps Brands Reach Tokyo Commuters

Many subway riders spend their commutes glued to their mobile phones, which makes in-transit mobile media a lucrative opportunity for brands to connect with shoppers.

Until recently, underground signal issues might have impeded this type of technology in subways. But networks are working to overcome this hurdle, and advertisers are already tapping in to this mobile opportunity.

The latest in-transit media technology, Strappy, comes from printing company Shunkosha. Strappy is a cover that fits over subway hand straps and uses a near-field communication (NFC) reader to give passengers access to content simply by holding their mobile phones over it. Advertisers can provide various types of content to passengers including websites, coupons, and videos.

Because the Tokyo subway transports over 8 million passengers daily, Strappy could be a great way for brands to reach a very wide—and captive—shopper base.

Contributed by Integer Asia-Pacific

Photo Source: Shunkosha