Stranger Things in Our Shopping Carts

With the premier of Stranger Things season 2 happening today, everyone seems to have Eggos and the “Upside Down” on their minds (and in their carts). Like Manolo Blahnik in Sex and The City, Reese’s Pieces in E.T. and many more–brand placement in entertainment can be unforgettable and highly impactful on shopping habits.

For this spooky series, fans are going all out and looking to fill their carts with things to make viewing more fun. Pinterest content is helping them whip up themed treats for their viewing parties while Target is showcasing all the supplies they’d need on Instagram.And this season, Stranger Things is incorporating more brands like 3 Musketeers, Radio Shack and Cheetos.

Will fans and shoppers continue to embrace brands in the series or is there a limit to the love they’ll give product placement? I guess we’ll have to see how this season unravels.

Happy Binging!

Image Source: Target Instagram