Stop! Are You Ready to Personalize? Master the 3 Keys to Personalization

Through its elimination of third-party retailers, the Direct to Consumer (DTC) model has widely disrupted the way shoppers think about purchasing products. It has also dramatically disrupted the way shoppers think about connecting with brands. But has the model disrupted the way brands think about connecting with shoppers? Not so much.

Most DTC brands stick to easy-to-execute, push marketing tactics such as SEO and email. And most DTC brands are missing out on one of the major benefits of the DTC model: the ability to own the shopper relationship from start to finish. With a potential gold mine of data at their fingertips, few DTC brands actually optimize their shopper experience with direct, one-on-one personalization. 

In our newest white paper, we’ll explore the three keys necessary to unlock successful personalization throughout the DTC shopper journey.

Contributed by: Katie McHattie, Director DTC, Integer Denver

Image Source: Pexels