Starbucks Bounce-Back

My husband is a coffee freak! It is an absolute no-no to talk with him before he has had his morning coffee. And he likes GOOD coffee. Which means spending somewhere between $8 and $12 a bag (whole bean, of course). Oftentimes, I have had to contemplate taking out a second mortgage just to support his habit. Which is why I was pleasantly surprised and delighted to find out that Starbucks offers their customers a little pay back.

On their packaging they have this great bounce-back offer that allows shoppers to get a FREE tall coffee at participating Starbucks if they bring in their empty bag.



This is an excellent example of a Post-Tail® tactic. First, it builds loyalty by keeping you in their franchise as you visit another channel. Second, it acts as a tie breaker (at least for us) at retail when competing brands are priced at parity. Third, it builds goodwill. Who doesn’t want someone else to buy them a cup of coffee? Not to mention that it keeps Starbucks top of mind.

Anyone else out there have any similar examples of brands utilizing Pre-Tail® or Post-Tail® strategies to drive shoppers across channels? Let us know about them!