Spreading the Love

The beginning of 2020 was seemingly rough. From WWIII memes to the impeachment trial and recently the coronavirus. With so much negative and saddening news about, it seems that consumers are looking forward to a break from it all—and some see Valentine’s Day and a nice moment to celebrate all the love that’s around.

This year, shoppers celebrating Valentine’s Day are really stepping up, expected to spend an average of $196, up 21% form last year. And fifty one percent of those candy, cards, flowers and gifts are going to significant others.

While those that celebrate Valentine’s Day are doubling down to tell their S.O. they love them, fewer and fewer people are celebrating. This year just 55% of people plan to celebrate, down from 60% in 2013. Which begs the question, do we need to spread the love? With Brad Pitt joining Tinder (jokingly) and negative political ads ramping up, it seems that we should.

So let’s use our Valentine’s Day programs to spread some smiles, love and happiness. Amazon launched a parody dating site, Sabra is getting into chocolate dips, and confections of all kinds continue to remind us in store to spread some love. What have you seen recently that’s helping to spread the love?

Contributed By: Kira Walstrom, Insight & Strategy, Integer Denver

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