Special Delivery – Finishing eCommerce Right

Recently, I purchased a pair of Tom’s Shoes. You may now know the brand, as they were recently featured in an AT&T commercial. Considering that Tom’s donates a pair of shoes to impoverished children, for every pair purchased, it seems they must try to manage costs somewhere to maintain their business model. Well, as I found out, its not in their packaging.

Shopper marketing is about the entire process of shopping. Often, the focus is too much on the path to purchase, and the post-purchase consumer experience gets lost. When it comes to eCommerce, this post purchase experience is even more important because this is sometimes the shopper’s first tangible experience with their purchase. And I like what Tom’s delivered. It was simple, re-enforced the brand and made me feel even better about my purchase than I already did.

This was their shoe box.

In side the box, the shoes came in a shoe bag (not a ton of tissue paper).