Some Good, Old Fashion Support Is Needed When Digital Goes Down

Digital is so engrained in our daily lives that it creates rather large waves when things are not running properly. The past few days the site has been down due to issues on Typepad, the platform host. It took several days to resolve and during those frustrating hours, Typepad went to Twitter to help support their clients.

Similarly, Twitter became a resource and outlet for avid Instagramers when Instagram went down recently. And when Target was remedying the credit breech in December, Twitter became a customer service outlet as well as a sentiment monitor for the retailer aiming to gain back the trust of customers.

While digital difficulties can disrupt things, it’s important for brands and retailers to remember to support customers during those times—and social media can often be the best way to let customers know they are being heard and helped.

We apologize for the difficulties this past week on and look forward to more dialogue on global shopper culture now that the site is back up and running. We’d also like to continue the conversation on our other outlets. Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.