Social On The Race To Prove Effectiveness

Ads are always designed to sell something but tracking whether or not they actually led to a sale can be tricky sometimes, especially when they are social media platforms.

And nowFacebook, of all platforms, is about to change all that.

Now Facebook ads can include interactive maps of store locations to help shoppers find the physical store. In addition, advertisers will be able to track views to physical visits.

Snapchat, too is getting in the mix and added several executives earlier this May to manage their ad tracking partnership developments with Oracle and Google.

It will be interesting to see how effective indeed these ads really are. According to a recent eMarketer survey, 37% claim social ads are never influential but as we know, what people think they do and what they actually do are often times different.You can be sure we’ll be watching these developments closely!

Photographer:Lukas Budimaier