Social Chatter Is A Trademark Of These Shoppers

Whoever said “talk is cheap” wasn’t trying to build a brand. On the contrary, talk can be the most valuable asset you have when leveraging today’s sales into even more sales tomorrow.

The Complex Shopper study conducted by Integer and research partner Decision Analyst shed light on the ways shoppers engage with brands after the sale. The findings revealed that vacuum and single-serve coffeemaker shoppers are surprisingly inclined to chatter about these relatively modest purchases on social networks and to their friends and family.

Among those who purchased single-serve coffeemakers, the study found that 15 percent have written an online review and 40 percent have made recommendations to their friends. Plus they’re more likely to remain engaged with the retail outlet they purchased from by signing up for newsletters, catalogs and liking them on Facebook.

Twenty-nine percent who purchased vacuums took the time to submit a warranty card and about 11.5 percent of respondents said are likely to write a review.

These findings beg the question: Are you giving your shoppers enough opportunities to engage in your brand online or via social media? If not, you may be shortchanging one of your brand’s greatest assets: influential brand advocates. Remember, these past shoppers are often the friends of your next customers.

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