Sneaker Brands are Winning the Innovation Game: Using New Tech to Engage Shoppers

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to try on a pair of $20,000 sneakers? Have you ever struggled to find the perfect shoe fit, but to no avail? Sneaker brands like GOAT, NIKE and Adidas are leveraging new technology to solve all of these problems and engage shoppers in new, innovative ways. 

GOAT, a secondary marketplace for authenticated shoes, is giving its more than 20 million app users a chance to virtually wear some of the world’s rarest sneakers with AR try-ons. The app’s “Try-On” feature shows an AR image of the rare shoes when users point their smartphones at their feet. This feature gives shoppers a new reason to engage with the app with the ability to “try on” coveted sneakers such as the Air Jordan 4 Undefeated, which has a price tag of up to $23,000. 

Nike added a new AR tool to its app to help shoppers overcome a huge barrier – finding the right shoe fit. The new mobile app feature scans customers’ feet to measure and recommend what size shoe the shopper needs depending on the style. Nike says the new feature measures each foot individually with accuracy within 2 millimeters and uses data to match measurements of other shoppers with similar sized feet. This can drive more purchases online and via the app by giving shoppers more confidence they are purchasing the right size and fit for their needs. 

Mobile gaming is another new format brands are using to drive purchases. Adidas and Dick’s Sporting Goods partnered up to become the first brands to sell shoes through a Snapchat game. “Baseball’s Next Level” is a home-run derby game that can be played on Snapchat through the end of October, coinciding with the MLB playoffs and World Series. “Baseball’s Next Level” combines a video game with e-commerce via Snapchat, giving shoppers a chance to buy the limited edition, retro-inspired cleats they see featured in the game directly from the platform. This gives young shoppers a new and fun way to engage with the brand and drive purchase through mobile gaming. 

Sneaker brands are leading the charge when it comes to using innovative tactics to engage shoppers. How else can brands leverage technology such as AR and mobile gaming to engage shoppers and solve for shopper barriers?

Contributed by: Eva Lopez, Account Planner, Integer NYC

Image Source: Pixabay