Snap to Buy

Snap has announced it will test a new feature that allows users to buy whatever they come across by simply pointing their Snap camera on any product or barcode. After, a pop-up window will show the item or similar items as they are available on Amazon. With one tap, users can then buy through Amazon.

This is just one more example of how social platforms are increasingly implementing commerce features, blurring the lines between eCommerce and social media. Instagram has made its posts shoppable, Pinterest introduced a similar visual shopping tool in cooperation with Target, and Facebook is rolling out augmented reality ads with a link to buy. While all of these drive transaction, the instant nature of Snap’s new feature offers new possibilities to prompt impulsive purchase moments anywhere. This is something that impulse categories in particular may be able to benefit from as they have so far been struggling to translate impulse to the digital world.

Contributed By: Lukas Quittan, Integer London

Image Source: Unsplash