Small Retailer Shares Why It Chooses To No Longer Carry a Favored Brand

I checked out a small pet store/food store in a strip mall where I have considered buying my dog food from. In just the 3 small dog food aisles I found this typed up letter from the store.

In essence, the note stated the store was reducing the # of SKUs from a particular dog food mfg – AVO – because AVO had increased their prices, and in the store’s opinion, didn’t seem right. For the past 2 months the store had conducted extensive research to find comparable dog foods that were just as good, if not better, and cost less. This way in the end, as the note stated, it was a “win-win” for both the store’s customers and their dogs. The dog foods they recommended in place of AVO were Merricks, Royal Canin and Pro Plan.

Impressive. Store is no longer going to carry a beloved food a customer wants, lets them know why they are no longer carrying it and then provides 3 alternatives to fit the needs of their customers.

This is the kind of passion, commitment and behavior I love and appreciate from small retailers. You’re left feeling that the store is your partner in raising your dog and cares what kind of nutrition you feed your dog.

Have you experienced a retailer as transparent as this about price increases?