Small Is Big

Conspicuous has evolved into conscious as many walk away from the idea that having everything is the answer toeverything. Over the past few years consumers have realized that over-consumption was impacting the earth, and in turn their lives, in negative ways. But the Small Is Big macro trend truly found its niche when the economic meltdown kicked in and required all to reassess the importance of “a whole lot of stuff.”

So, if having less is more, how can businesses thrive when consumers with shrinking budgets are trying to minimize their carbon footprints and acquire less? The answer is to find balance – balance between too much and too little. Just as shoppers are looking at what they really need, brands, services and products must “take a step back” to see where they can find balance in what they’re offering. A few good examples of this are; AmazonFrustration-Free Packaging, Not So Big Remodeling, and Honda Touts Long-Term Value. Read more on the May issue of the Integer Pulse here.