Shopping with your inner child

Walking through the baking aisle at my local King Sooper’s the other day, this jumped out at me.

Was it a stocker’s practical joke?

A brand manager’s under-the-radar experiment?

Or even an agency’s idea?

My guess is it was none of the above (if you know the answer, or have seen something similar, by all means share!).

I’d put my money on the shopper.

A shopper gone wild.

A shopper frustrated with efficiency and straight lines at grocery.

A shopper who has not lost their sense of humor just because they’re shopping.

This left me wondering whether we as marketers have lost some of our appreciation for childlike wonder in store. Sure there are examples around to the contrary. But you could say that the lion’s share of in-store ideas over-rely on the power of rational claims. On the impact of big signage. On arresting video. Or interruptive shelf talkers.

But when is the last time you paused in childlike wonder at something so simple as this?

May we all keep our inner shopping child alive and well.