Shopping Together while Apart

John Lewis is taking online customer service to the next level by creating digital “in-person” interactions. The wide array of in-store services includes customer advice and support, but instead of recreating these through customary digital means such as messaging or bot services, John Lewis is making them available via online video. The free sessions allow customers to speak with experts across departments, and conversations are followed up by emails with further advice and a personal shopping list.

Pre COVID-19 customers were already searching for more human connections while shopping as digital and automated interactions rose. This of course has been amplified by the current crises. But this face-to-face virtual approach can now offer the added layer of personalization customers crave while helping them find more of what they are looking for to shop with confidence. 

As digital retail innovation continues to skyrocket, brands that are able to leverage technology and staff to recreate human moments are the ones who will be able to differentiate themselves in an enormously difficult climate today, and potentially change the way people shop online tomorrow. 

Contributed By: Genevieve Dreyfus, Integer London

Image Source: Unsplash