Shopping Behaviors Continue to Shift in 2015

As we look ahead into 2015, we continue to see a shift in everyday consumer and shopper behavior. Society is becoming busier and busier, which is causing shoppers to reconsider everything to find more convenient, yet unique, solutions. Here’s a look at a few trends that will continue to affect CPGs in 2015 and beyond.

1. Right Now Grocery Shopping: Convenience for the Busy Household.

On-the-go, time-crunched consumers increasingly want to shop when and how it’s most convenient to them, which is driving the explosion of online grocery shopping, curbside pick-up, and other convenience services. The growth has been steady for the past several years, but we’re expecting to see much more retailer and manufacturer investment in 2015.

AmazonFresh will roll out to many more urban areas (up to 20 new markets) in the next year or so, Walmart is expanding its Walmart To-Go delivery services, and Target is further developing curbside pick-up. Safeway is also testing same-day 1-hour delivery services in specific markets, and Peapod is testing locker pick-up locations in D.C. Metro stations. Other big players include FreshDirect and Instacart.

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2. Doorstep Meals: Meal Planning Made Very Simple with Full Meal Delivery

Why bother with recipes and grocery lists when consumers can get fresh meals delivered straight to their doors?

More and more convenient meal-delivery services are popping up across the country. Shoppers choose specific meals they want for the week/month, and the meal ingredients are delivered straight to their doors. The consumer still has to prepare the meal and can easily add to the recipe, making it feel homemade and personalized.

Plated, Blue Apron, and Hello Fresh are a few of the competitors in this space making a big splash in the marketplace. Many other competitors are popping up with their own unique specialties; from locally sourced foods or gluten-free meals to Eastern cuisine. These services make meal planning easy and grocery shopping obsolete! (At least for those specific meals.)

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3. Retail-Gagement: Reinventing the In-Store Grocery Shopping Experience.

With more and more shoppers turning to online grocery delivery and meal-delivery services, retailers will need to create engaging and unique in-store experiences that will give the shopper a reason to darken their doorsteps.

Many grocery retailers, such as Whole Foods and Publix, are introducing in-store wine and beer bars and cooking classes to attract shoppers and get them to sample items for purchase or just spend time in their location.

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“So what?” you ask?

We think it’s time for manufacturers to get deeper into the convenience game and figure out ways to truly deliver time and effort saving solutions that give shoppers what they need and when they need it. How can CPG brands collaborate with grocery delivery and meal delivery services to streamline product distribution? How can manufacturers help simplify the buying process?

Another important focus for 2015 will be for manufacturers to help redefine the in-store grocery shopping experience and deliver more engaging solutions that can only be experienced in person. How can CPGs take sampling to the next level? What if manufactures helped to create center-store ‘category experience’ hubs that allowed shoppers to discover and explore brands within a category in a new way? Anything to help reinvigorate the center store, right?

In 2015, anything is possible.

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