Shoppers Turn to the Internet for Father’s Day

While running errands this past week, it was obvious that Father’s Day was upon us. My grocery store prominently displayed cakes decorated with golf clubs, Target® made the card section hard to miss, and every other retailer (big and small) seemed to be pushing grilling supplies. It made me wish I were closer to home and able to show up with a cake, a card, and some hamburgers for my dad this past Sunday. Instead, I made due with a nice phone call and some online shopping. And I am not the only one.

A recent Google Ipsos survey reports that 70% of people used the Internet to shop for Father’s Day gifts this year. And one in three of them purchased a gift online. It can be hard to find that perfect gift for dad, so the Internet is becoming a go-to for many shoppers. In fact, Google® searches for “gifts for Father’s Day” have increased 20% since 2010.

Though “personalized golf balls” are still a top search, it’s interesting to discover that searches are not only becoming more unexpected but also regional. People in New York were Googling “spa gifts for men,” while Oregonians sought “leather belts,” and Californians searched for “hiking stick.” Shoppers are broadening their scope of gift considerations for dad and using the Internet to help them.

I often turn to the Web to find gift ideas for my dad. It’s more helpful than most retailers because he’s not the typical golfing, football-loving father. Have you found the Web to be helpful when you’re shopping for your dad? And did it influence what you purchased this past Father’s Day?