Shoppers Seeking New Ways to Boost Their Immunity This Flu Season

With flu season comes a new regime for many consumers looking to fend off sickness. While hand washing (70%), hydrating (55%) and vitamins (50%) are the common go-tos, many are looking for new ways to boost their immunity.

Forty-four percent of people eat more nutritious foods to fend off the flu. And this year, a healthy diet is so much more powerful. With our lives turned upside down and the uncertainty of COVID-19, shoppers know that feeding your body with goodness can not only make you mentally healthy but also physically healthy.

When it comes to immune boosting foods, shoppers traditionally look to things like herbal tea and OJ. In fact, during the cold and flu season, shoppers spend 28% more on herbal teas compared to the average month. And rough flu seasons and COVID-19 fears drove surges in OJ sales.

But that’s just the beginning. Shoppers are adding elderberry and turmeric to their recipes and diets–and even reassessing the role of things like protein when it comes to immune support. Brands like Garden of Life, Orgain and the array of plant-based burgers offer immune support—but many shoppers don’t know it.

These as well as many other brands are helping shoppers discover products that can help them infuse healthy foods and immune support into their diets. And with flu season and COVID-19 prompting more shoppers to reassess their regime, this season presents new opportunities for brands and retailers to enter the immunity conversation and sell for a new usage occasion. What retailers or brands have you seen enter the immune boosting space recently?

Contributed By: Kira Walstrom, Insight & Strategy, Denver

Image Source: Unsplash