Shoppers Aren’t The Only Ones Having Fun This Halloween

Shoppers thoroughly enjoy Halloween and all the festivities and treats that it entails. But this season, some retailers are not just helping shoppers but also getting in on the fun themselves.

UK-based grocer Tesco transformed one of its chain locations into a “Spookermarket.” Not only were aisles decked out for Halloween but the retailer played spooky hidden camera pranks on shoppers in the store. These frightful encounters are part of their “Spookermarket” campaign and have already generated over10 million combined views across Facebook and YouTube in less than a week.

Target is also getting in on the fun. Building on last year’s Instagram program they have unveiled a new social media campaign that invites shoppers to explore “The House on Hallow Hill.”The video series is the first-ever “choose-your-own-adventure” 360 experience on YouTube where shoppers can use their smartphones to explore the house with 360 degrees of action made visible by tilting and angling the phone’s screen like a lens. Plus, these videos are shoppable letting shoppers buy spirited Halloween items they like as they explore.

But all this fun is in anticipation of the big day, Halloween, and Target is not about to skip out on the fun come October 31st. Target’s Treatser platform (which went live October 26th) uses crowdsourcing and the powers of the internet to help Halloweeners find the best trick-or-treat spots in their neighborhood.

Will this create stronger ties between the retailer and their shoppers? As competition in the marketplace gets more intense retailers may opt to create more emotional relationships with its shoppers and have some fun as well.

Photo Source: AdWeek Tesco Story, AdWeek Target, Target Instagram