Shopper Summit Presentations: Campaign Architecture, Now Available!

In CPG marketing, a “big idea” can seem as elusive as Bigfoot. And in activation, even a strong idea can become manipulated beyond recognition. In this presentation from the Path to Purchase Summit, Starbucks and The Integer Group illustrate how they’ve approached the creation, activation and sustaining of a campaign idea using the recent “My Starbucks Is” work as a case study to discuss the strategic vision for “At Home Coffee” (heart to cart) and how the work came to life in the marketplace, from TV to retail.

Click here to down the presentation: CampaignArchitecture, How Big Ideas Are Guided Through-the-Line. And click here to download other presentations including 2 others presented at the summit this week including: The Power of Social Media at Retail: Leveraging Digital Influencers to Deliver Sales at Brick and Mortar and Feeding Your Wild Side: Starting a Shopper Marketing Discipline From Scratch.