Shopper Marketing Live: The Convergence Of Digital And Retail

The Integer Group’s Morgan McAlenney, Senior Vice President/Digital Czar, will be speaking at this year’s Shopper Marketing Live Conference in Sydney, Australia. Morgan will be presentingThe Convergence of Digital and Retail: Using Digitail® to Drive Retail Sales, during the Thursday, May 19, session of the conference.

Morgan’s timely subject-matter expertise is dissecting an Integer practice called Digitail® – as brands/manufacturers and retailers continue to wrestle for marketing and messaging control in clean-store environments at the point of decision or purchase, how does the shopper maintain and manage control of her in-store decisions? How do innovative shopping technologies influence and guide pretail™ selection, retail purchase behavior, and post-tail™ relationships? As new technologies are being tested and old technologies being re-concepted, Morgan will demonstrate how shoppers are entering an age of unprecedented retail control.

Please stop by and say hello if you are going to be in attendance.