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Shopper Insights For At-Home Baristas And Other Housewares Buyers

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

What do single-serve coffeemakers and vacuum cleaners have in common? Both products make shoppers chatty after they buy them.

In a considered purchase survey conducted by The Integer Group® and research partner Decision Analyst, 40 percent of single-serve coffeemaker shoppers said they have recommended their new coffeemaker to friends after their purchase.

  • Fifteen percent have written an online review about their experience — higher than all other categories in the study.
  • Eleven percent of vacuum cleaner shoppers surveyed said they were likely to write a review.

But don’t expect those shoppers to seek out your brand and write glowing Facebook posts or retweet product mentions. That’s just not how they’re engaging with brands.

The new “Plugged-In” report offers insights and suggestions on how brands can increase engagement with shoppers at retail, online and through social networks.

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Checkout: Green Issue

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