Shopper Culture 2012: A Year in Review

In case you missed it; here’s what happened on Shopper Culture during 2012.

Market Posts Demonstrating Seasonal Agility

In this digital age, shoppers are thirsty for real-time ‘newness’ in the market. Seasonal fun appears to be one way retailers and brands are keeping things fresh. This year we saw more Super Bowl activity in store, innovative Valentine’s Day merchandise in Asia, retailers embracing less publicized holidays (National Mom’s Night Out) and brands playing in to current events like the election.

Shopper Posts Highlighting Behavioral Economics in Marketing

Psychological concepts such as social proof became hot topics for shopper marketers this year. Various posts demonstrate how these concepts have manifested in the market in the form of popularity and scarcity messaging—especially during the holidays.

International Posts Building A Global Discussion

Our global offices brought to light shopper marketing happenings abroad including Olympic activations in London, augmented reality in Asia and private label in Australia.

New Studies and Reports by Integer:

  • Untangling the Social Web – A 5 part research study done in partnership with the North America CCRRC, which outlines the allure of social networking, how it impacts the shopping process, four types of social networkers, and its impact and value to brands and retailers.
  • The Complex ShopperAn annual study conducted in partnership with Decision Analyst, which reveals the complex motivations that drive shoppers during considered purchases, such as shopping for a major appliance or automobiles. Check out all 8 parts.
  • The CheckoutSeven issues including Digitail®, Holiday, Mobile Shopper, and Private Label bring you insights and data on shopper happenings.
  • Integer PulseA trend report out of the Midwest Integer Office. Six issues were released in 2012 covering topics including mash-ups and hyper-personalization.